What Is Ionization And Oxidation?


Ions are simply atoms, or atom groups that contain an electrical charge. They are all around us including your swimming pool, which is full of them. Long ago it was discovered that silver and copper ions, specifically, have some amazing properties in their ability to prevent bacterial and algae growth. Copper ions stop algae growth in its tracks while silver ions work as an incredibly effective inhibitor of bacterial development.


These wonderful properties are what allow pool ionizers to maintain perfect water purity in conjunction with oxidation methods, which we’ll get to in a minute. The ionizer component is an electrical device that generates these ions directly into your swimming pool’s water supply. Basically, a low voltage current is applied to small silver and copper plates (or electrodes), in direct proximity to each other, that are embedded directly within your pools water supply lines. Low voltage DC current causes the copper and silver plates to emit ions, which are attracted to the opposite plate. While this process occurs the water in your plumbing lines picks up these free ions and deposits them in the pools water supply where they remain dissolved until they encounter bacteria and algae.


There is more to the equation however. Ionization is only part of the the water cleaning process. Along with it there is also something called an oxidization unit that is needed to ensure complete non-chemical water sanitization. Titanium Oxidation Plates, such as the kind used by the Triden Pool sanitization system, activate the O2 molecules of your pools water (H20) as it passes through the titanium plates. These oxidized molecules then enter your pool water to begin to break up the organic debris which falls/enters into your pool allowing it to be easily filtered out.


A mineral Ionizer unit used in conjunction with a quality oxidation chamber can completely eliminate the need to use traditional chemicals for pool water maintenance and provide fantastic results to your overall sanitization program. Once upon a time chemicals such as chlorine and bromide were necessary to make water safe for the general public to drink and swim in, but those days are thankfully over. With what we now know about the serious potential health risks associated with these chemicals the fact that ionization and oxidation methods have been developed for pool maintenance is a wonderful thing indeed.