The Triden Pool System

The Triden Pool System is a hybrid Eco-Friendly system that combines Oxidation and Ionization in one sanitation process to ensure that you have the highest quality water in your pool to protect the health of your swimmers.

Emitter Chamber / Oxidation Details
Electronic Console Details
Mineral Chamber / Ionization Details

Triden Pool System Features

    • Automatic Monitoring
    • Turbo Blade
    • Long Life Oxidation Plates
    • Automatic pH Injector Optional
    • Clear View Chambers
    • Continuous Plate Insulators
    • Water Flow and Temperature Sensing Switch
    • Self-Cleaning Features
    • Chamber Scale Disrupting High-Low Frequencies
    • Interactive User Console with LED Display
    • Continuous Polarity Reversal
    • 120V Standard Connection – 240V Optional (Special Order. Contact ClearSwim to Request).

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The primary process utilizes the proven, time-tested Ionization and Oxidation Technology. Triden Pool System also includes a unique patent-pending turbo blade to create greater water turbulence in conjunction with the enhanced self-cleaning features in each chamber for maximum operational efficiency.

Ionization – Ionization is a process whereby the electric current generated by the Triden Pool System electronic console and facilitated in the mineral chamber activates the copper and silver atoms within the mineral bars and releases these minerals into your pool water. Copper (an effective algaecide) and Silver (a proven bactericide) are then present in the pool preventing a green algae bloom and protecting your family from bacteria without the use of toxic chemicals! Click here to learn more about how minerals sanitize

Oxidation – Triden Pool System uses Oxidation to generate ORP or Oxidation Reduction Potential. Water is composed of Hydrogen and Oxygen, known as H20. Triden Pool System activates and alters the “O” part of the formula through electrolysis and introduces it back into your pool water to create an effective sanitation agent.