Easy Maintenance

Although no swimming pool sanitation system on the market is maintenance free, the Triden Pool System comes very close.

1. pH Level and TA Level. As in any swimming pool you must monitor the pH and TA weekly (maintain the water chemistry requirements listed on the Electronic Console interface and as listed in the owner’s manual). This is accomplished utilizing a basic pool care test kit which you can purchase at any local pool supply store. (Remember: pH is lowered by adding pool acid. TA is raised by adding sodium bicarbonate aka Baking Soda. Note: Do not add soda ash to your pool water).

2. Copper Levels. Check your copper level weekly utilizing the supplied Triden Pool System copper test kit. (Additional copper test kits can be purchased here). To adjust the copper level in your pool locate the copper level buttons on your Electronic Console and adjust accordingly. Refer to owner’s manual for instructions.

3. TDS, Ca Hardness, Total Hardness. TDS, Ca Hardness (Calcium Hardness) and Total Hardness should be monitored and maintained at the specified requirements listed on your Electronic Console interface.

4. Quarterly Maintenance Inspection. In some areas calcium levels are more severe than others and the Triden Pool System Emitter Chamber plates may require cleaning quarterly. Here’s how: Remove the Emitter Chamber, Use the supplied end cap to cap the end opposite of the turbo blade, then fill chamber (through turbo blade opening) with a mixture of 3:1 Water:Pool Acid (75% water, 25% pool acid) until plates are covered, Let sit for approximately 10 minutes, Empty and rinse with garden hose. Re-install Emitter Chamber.

Additional: As with any pool….

Brush it! Brush it! Brush the surfaces of your pool weekly, if not twice a week.
Regularly maintain your pool filter per your manufacturer’s instructions.


There is NO NEED to shock condition or add stabilizer to the pool.
The Triden Pool System does it all!