Mineral Chamber

Incorporating the NASA developed technology for purification of drinking water for the space mission; the Triden System Mineral Chamber sanitizes your swimming pool water to give the customer a freshwater, no chlorine swimming pool and spa.

The Mineral Chamber houses two opposing sets (for a total of four bars) of blended, natural minerals that have been proven to sanitize swimming pool water and spas. Minerals under an electronically controlled and monitored process are released into the water to kill the bacteria and to destroy algae. By the sequential altering of the flow of current between the two sets of mineral bars the calcium build up is minimized through the self cleaning process, allowing the proper amount of minerals to be released.

The released sanitizing minerals are “residual” and so they remain in the body of water (not susceptible to evaporation, humidity, or heat, etc) in a state of readiness to “attack” once contaminates, such as bacteria and algae, become present in the water. As a “residual” sanitizing method the only way the sanitizing minerals are removed from the water is by doing their job of sanitizing or when the minerals are leaked or splashed out of the pool.

Inside View

Triden System has FOUR (4) Mineral Bars!