Is Ionization As Effective As Chlorine?


The desire by many homeowners to utilize safer and healthier alternatives for maintaining pool sanitation has increased significantly the last few years. The fact is that the traditional use of chlorine for that application is causing concern with these swimming pool owners because of potential negative health effects now known to exist with chlorine use.


Fortunately, and to the delight of many, a relatively new technology is allowing the option of maintaining perfect pool sanitation by using a completely chemical free solution known as mineral ionization and oxidation. It is a technology that was actually developed by NASA decades ago to create a breathable environment for astronauts in space capsules. The Triden Pool non-chemical sanitization system has revolutionized the way homeowners keep their pools clean with a 100% chemical free system that utilizes this ionization and oxidation process.


NASA made this discovery while working on the problem of how to make drinking water safe for astronauts while living in the space shuttle on extended missions. They have been using it successfully  now since the 70’s to keep both water and air supplies clean. Now homeowners can enjoy the benefits of this same technology for their swimming pools with the Triden Pool System.


The Triden System uses the natural elements silver and copper, and oxidation to ensure perfect sanitation for your pool, which means low maintenance and no harsh, unhealthy chemicals required. The Triden System can simply be incorporated into your existing pool filtration system at the end of the return line. If you want to get rid of chlorine, bromide, salts, or other unhealthy chemical solutions and start using an easy to maintain, bottle water clean environment for your pool then the Triden System is a perfect option for you!


The simple truth is that using chlorine as a pool sanitation method is on the way out. As more and more homeowners realize the need for healthier alternatives the prospect of using chemicals for ongoing pool maintenance is an unattractive one. The Triden Pool System is designed to treat any kind of swimming pool or spa system and guarantees to eliminate all bacteria, algae, and scaling issues in a perfectly safe and healthy way. The system also utilizes an easy to use digital control panel to make the process of ongoing maintenance a breeze. The self cleaning features of the system are also a huge plus!