Installing the Triden System

Installing the Triden Pool System is easy as 1…2…7. Follow these 7 simple steps to install and start enjoying your low-maintenance Triden Pool System immediately!

*To ensure the pool is free of all chemicals, and to give the Triden Pool System it’s proper kick-off please drain the pool and refill with with new water before operation.



Things you’ll need:

1. Hand Saw

2. PVC Cement Glue (found at your local hardware store)

3. Triden Pool System

4. 110/120 volt Outlet (or 240v if required)

5. Optional: PVC Elbows (if you do not plan on putting the system in line horizontally)




1. Locate the pump and filter. The Triden Pool System should be the last item in line of the pool equipment on return to the pool.

Proper Placement of Triden Pool System’s Sanitation System relative to Other Pool Equipment

2. Decide how you will position the Triden Pool System Chambers (Emitter Chamber first and Mineral Chamber to follow). Make sure the Electronic Console will not be more than 5ft from the Triden Pool System Chambers.

*Note the direction of water flow. This is an important part of installing the Triden Pool System Chambers. Water should enter the Emitter Chamber on the side where the optional pH Injector is located. Water should enter the Mineral Chamber where the Flow Switch is located.

Horizontal Installation: Diagram of Proper Chamber Placement relative to Water Flow

3. Take the replacement tube (included with the Triden Pool System). Use this tube as a spacing/positioning measurement. Cut and glue in the supplied disconnects or (elbows for vertical install) in the appropriate spaces. Let dry for 24 hours.

4. Mount the Electronic Console ensuring that it is within 5ft of your Triden Pool System Chambers and 5ft from a 110/120v GFI outlet.

5. Connect the Electronic Console to both chambers utilizing the appropriate wire harnessing.

6. Plug in the Triden Pool System Electronic Console to a 110/120v outlet.

7. Ensure that the glue has dried (this should take 24 hours) and the units are appropriately connected. Turn on the Triden Pool System! You’re done!

Download Installation Instructions PDF Document