How Triden System Works

Wondering how the Triden system works? You’re in the right place. The Triden system is a hybrid Eco-Friendly system that combines Oxidation and Ionization in one sanitation process to ensure that you have the highest quality water in your pool to protect the health of your swimmers.

Triden system Features

  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Turbo Blade
  • Long Life Oxidation Plates
  • Automatic pH Injector Optional
  • Clear View Chambers
  • Continuous Plate Insulators
  • Water Flow and Temperature Sensing Switch
  • Self-Cleaning Features
  • Chamber Scale Disrupting High-Low Frequencies
  • Interactive User Console with LED Display
  • Continuous Polarity Reversal
  • 120V Standard Connection – 240V Optional (Special Order. Contact to Request).