Ahhh…. Frequently Asked Questions. Here we’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible. It’s important to us that you get simple, honest, and well-developed answers. If you feel like we haven’t provided sufficient answers to the questions raised here or you have further questions please contact us utilizing the links or phone at the bottom of the page. We’d be happy to help!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Triden Pool System?

Triden Pool System is a freshwater, non-chlorine pool sanitation system. Triden Pool System uses copper and silver Ionization and Electrolysis to produce Oxidation to maintain your tap-water’s original quality without harsh chemicals, degenerative salt, or chemical shocks.

What is Ionization?

Ionization is a process by which the atoms or molecules of a substance (in this case Copper and Silver) are electrically charged by transferring electrons. See “How Triden Pool System Works” for more information.

What is Electrolysis?

Triden Pool System uses Electrolysis to generate Oxidation otherwise known as Oxygen Reduction Potential. Electrolysis in the Triden Pool System system is generated through plates coated with a patented process and manufactured to stringent requirements. When electrical charged Oxygen molecules are produced from our specially coated plates a charged oxygen molecule is created which is introduced to the pool water to attack organic compounds (leaves, oils, etc), breaking them up for easy filtering. In addition the produced oxidation assists and enhances the sanitation process attacking the algae and bacteria in the pool water.

What does this mean for my water quality?

It means you have better quality water! By avoiding chlorine, shock, or salt you experience your pool water as if it were right from the tap of your kitchen faucet! *Note: Don’t be fooled by some competitors, read their fine print. Many require an annual shock of chlorine which may include cyanuric acid (harmful effects of cyanuric acid here), with a properly maintained Triden Pool System, you’ll NEVER need to shock your pool.

Is there a warranty on this equipment?

Yes! The Triden Pool System has a three (3) year limited warranty. We believe in our product and know you will too. Refer to the owner’s manual for details.

What does maintenance entail? What items will need to be replaced?

Maintenance is simple. All you need to do is monitor and balance the pH of your pool. This has to be done with all methods of sanitation.

Because the copper and silver electrodes are designed to enter your pool water body these items will need to be replaced. Replacement times depend on many factors, including bather load, size of the pool, and environmental impact.

How much copper is in a Triden Pool System pool? Should I worry this may affect my health or the environment?
The copper level in your pool should be approximately 0.2ppm. That’s less than 1/6 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water standards of 1.3ppm.

Why is Chlorine harmful?

Chlorine, like any chemical, has its purposes. We just don’t want your hair and skin absorbing it or your children and pets consuming it. That’s because more and more research has shown Chlorine to be possibly associated with asthma, skin complications, and sometimes associated with other, more severe health issues.

Are there other types of systems like the Triden Pool System out there? Why should I use a Triden Pool System?
The Triden Pool System is an all in one system that requires no added sanitation chemicals. Other systems on the market require periodic shocks. Some ionizers on the market are copper-only. Triden Pool System uses both copper and silver because silver is more effective killing bacteria. Additionally, the Triden Pool System is USA-made from the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance.