Emitter Chamber

The Triden System Emitter Chamber contains specially-coated Titanium Oxidation Plates. Through an electrical process which is monitored and controlled by the Triden System Electronic Console these plates begin a process of electrolysis which activates the oxygen molecule of H20 to create Oxidation.

Oxidation is what occurs when oxygen molecules interact with their surroundings. This is a naturally occurring process. Oxidation is defined as the exchange of electrons between Oxygen molecules and the other molecules that come into contact with the oxygen molecule.

NASA utilizes the process of electrolysis in water to separate the oxygen atom from the hydrogen atoms to create the oxygen gas (O2) for their fresh air processing to maintain life in the space capsules. Similarly, what we breathe on this planet comes from the splitting of water, not through man made electrolysis methods but through the photosynthesis process of plants, algae, and phytoplankton.

The Triden System Titanium Oxidation Plates activate the oxygen molecule of the pool water (H20) when that water body passes through the plates. These oxidized molecules then enter your pool water to begin to break up the organic debris which falls/enters into your pool allowing it to be easily filtered out. An important feature to note is that Triden System′s Titanium Oxidation Plates reverse polarity. By reversing polarity Triden System is able to avoid much of the calcium (Ca) build up which occurs more often in hard water regions. Reduced calcium build up means even simpler maintenance for you. Most Triden System Oxidation requires only minutes of routine maintenance. Visit the maintenance pages to learn more.