Do I Ever Need To Buy Chemicals Again?


Ionization and oxidation systems, like the one employed by Triden Pools, are superior in every way to the old chemical maintenance methods of the past. The fact is that using this process to keep your swimming pool sanitized poses no health risks what so ever. Unlike chlorine, which can actually react chemically to organic particles in your pool water to form carcinogenic substances known as trihalomethanes, using ionization/oxidation in your pool to maintain proper sanitation poses zero health risks.


Laboratories at NASA, prominent universities, and health agencies have all confirmed after years of thorough testing that copper and silver do indeed demonstrate an amazing ability to sanitize water of bacterial, virus and algae buildup. E. coli,  Staphylococcus,  Streptococcus,  Pseudomonas,  Salmonella and other nasty pathogens are among those that copper/silver ionization has been shown to be extremely effective in eliminating from water sources. Conversely, most on the list just mentioned have also been shown to be resistant to the effects of chlorine.


Triden Pools non-chemical sanitization system employs safe, easy to use ionization/oxidation technology to ensure your pool’s water purity at the highest level. By generating low direct current from our self monitoring electronic console and applying it to a double set of copper and silver electrode plates that water passes through, the process of ionization begins.  When these ions encounter bacteria and algae particles in your pool’s water they transform them by altering their enzyme structure, stripping them of their harmful properties. This along with the oxidation phase of the process is what makes it possible to maintain a ‘bottled water’ level of sanitation in your pool without the use of any chemicals, ever.


As mentioned above oxidation is also an important part of the equation in our system. Once the water in your pool passes through the ionization phase it then goes into what we call the emitter chamber. This chamber has specially-coated Titanium Oxidation Plates that are better quality and longer lasting than any other similar product on the market. Through an electrical process monitored and controlled by the Triden Pool Electronic Console these plates start a process of electrolysis which activates the oxygen molecule of H20 to create Oxidation.  


The oxidized molecules then penetrate your swimming pool water to begin to break up any organic debris that may be present in your pool, allowing it to be filtered out with ease. An important feature to remember is that Triden Pool’s Titanium Oxidation Plates utilize a reverse polarity feature. By reversing the polarity we ensure that you avoid much of the calcium build up which occurs more often in hard water regions.


The Triden Pool System is truly a 100% non-chemical sanitization system. With it your days of buying unhealthy water maintenance products is over! Once installed you can sit back and enjoy the healthy, safe lifestyle that comes with a chemical free pool.